Published 2022-04-22

The Trespasser

The Trespasser is an action-adventure platformer inspired by the Metroid, Castlevania and Dark Souls series.

Get out of the mad house

Your jogging session ended up with you lost in the woods, at night, with no way home.

After a terrifying encounter, you're invested with superhuman strength. But so are the local folks, who abandoned their humanity long ago... and now they're out for your blood.

Piece together the puzzle

Set in the same universe as The Lightkeeper, the story is told through unsettling NPC encounters, item descriptions, and environmental clues.

It's up to you to piece together what happened here and how to get out.

Explore to grow stronger

In true Metroidvania fashion, you explore the large environment looking for upgrades that will unlock new paths, while fighting a diverse cast of enemies.

Additional weapons, suits and accessories allow you to experiment with different playstyles and strategies.

And keep an eye out for secrets! ;)

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