Published 2023-09-25

Hotel Demonica


The only reason Lucas dragged his feet to his company's Christmas retreat is for a chance to talk to Mary, his secret crush. But the real party starts when their tropical resort is engulfed by a mysterious dimension inhabited by deadly monsters.

After a fatal encounter, Lucas awakens with mysterious magical powers. But he's not the only one: his coworkers branded Mary a witch, blamed her for everything and are readying the pitchforks.

Now Lucas' trying to understand what's going on and how to get out of Bad Oz before there's nobody left to work with on Monday.

A party-based, turn-based JRPG

Play as Lucas and 6 other characters to defeat strong enemies and bosses. Build your party and exploit the enemies' weaknesses to overcome many dungeons and story battles.

You may find that the most fearsome monsters are actually some of your coworkers...

Or a visual novel!

If JRPG battles aren't your thing, you can use the many gameplay options to turn the game into a straight visual novel. Or do the opposite, skip the story and focus on the battles. Or just turn off Game Overs. You choose!

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